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  • Which vending machine is right for you?

    Vending machines have become a way of life as they have been installed in schools, offices and populated areas, to ensure that people could obtain food and beverages whenever the necessity arises, at the insertion of a coin and the press of a button. These components go to make life easier for school kids as well as others, as they do not have to waste time standing in queues to obtain food when they feel the pangs of hunger. It is time to analyse whether the food dispensed from these units are healthy for school children and for human consumption, since school children as well as adults keep getting obese due to feeding on junk food.

    Government authorities have now become aware that certain items dispensed from the vending machines are unhealthy for school kids, and intimated rules and regulations to the governing boards to make necessary replacements. This has lead the school heads to ensure that educational programs are held in the premises to impart to the children, the benefit of inculcating the habit of consuming fresh, natural and organic products, and have filled the elements installed in schools with healthy food. This will definitely enable school going children to eat nutritious food and also ensure that they stay healthy.

    Organisations too should take a cue from the fresh and healthy programs to ensure that the vending machines installed in their office premises, are filled with fresh, natural, and healthy food and drinks for the benefit of their employees as well as clients, who will develop the habit of consuming such whenever they feel the pangs of hunger or thirst. The employers will realise that this is of great benefit to the organisations as having healthy staff will revitalize and energize then into enhanced activity, which in turn assist the companies in the quest of their goals.

    Highly populated areas such as malls, railway and bus stations, hospitals etc. too should follow the healthy food program and make it a point to top up their vending machines with fresh and organic products for the benefit of the people who frequent these outlets. If they don’t follow these programs, consumers will be decide to look for components that dispense healthy food as everyone has become conscious of their health and the fad for fresh, natural and organic food is on the rise. In the long run it is better for everyone to ensure that their units are filled with nutrition to ensure a healthy nation.

  • A Simple Office Water Cooler can give a Healthy Life for You

    When people are thirsty they need to drink something to quench the dryness and the first thing they look for is a cold drink, not a hot one. The ideal beverage to quench your thirst is something that is dispensed from office water coolers, which cannot be equalled to any other drink. These units dispense a clean and pure drinking beverage to yourself as well as your staff and help to keep everyone in the office invigorated and active. Installation of these machines in organizations will ensure that the requirements of the staff are met and that they have the means of refreshing themselves when they need to do so.

    Previously widespread method for anyone wanting to consume fresh and pure drinking beverage was to purchase the bottled stuff or use freshly boiled liquid obtained from the tap, leave it to cool before consumption. But with the invention of water coolers that practice was eliminated as the machine is able to provide both hot and cool liquid. Installation of a unit in an organization is deemed a fundamental requirement to ensure that the staff can keep themselves hydrated throughout the day as it is a crucial element in revitalizing people.

    Office water coolers are now installed in all private and public sector organization as employers have realized the need to provide one of the basic requirements for human beings. Having a unit in a business establishment will ensure that the welfare and health of the staff is well maintained. This is a hassle free method of providing your employees a healthy option to sweetened beverages as safeguarding their fitness is essential. Having a unit installed in a company will definitely be helpful in transforming the office and ensure that the employees have an uninterrupted supply of water right through the day.

    Employers should remember that their staff should be kept hydrated during the working hours as thirst tends to decrease mental and physical capacity, which in turn lead to unexpected exhaustion. This tiredness could make them inactive, drowsy, sweat and cause headaches as well. Consumption of a glass or two of this wonder beverage will give them renewed vigour to continue with their routine. Just install water coolers, which can cool the liquid running through it and dispense it at the same time, so that your office has a continuous supply of pure, fresh and safe drinking beverage for their consumption. Read more about our products

  • Foods from vending machines, Are they healthy?

    Snack vending machines are developing to be a trend these days and of course there are several types of units in the market today, some offering consumers with junk food and the current units giving healthier options than before, which in turn enable them to have a wider selection. Most units dispense processed food items such as candy, cookies and pastries which consist of a considerable quantity of sugar and crackers, chips and dried meat may have a large amount of sodium, and are generally connected to hypertension and heart ailments, if eaten excessively.

    Many of the items dispensed from snack vending machines such as pastries, cookies, chips and nuts etc. comprise of a substantial amount of fat but the kinds found in these items vary. For instance, fried items and food prepared with butter may contain saturated fat while nuts and granola consist of unsaturated fat. It is always better to select the second as it is healthier for the heart. If you are health conscious and are interested in having a really healthy snack, just ponder whether these models are the best options. If you have a refrigerator, I think it is really better to organise early and make your own food or even have mixture of dried fruits, crackers and cereal, so that you will not have to depend on this device.

    Obesity and lack of nourishment have become a critical issue at present, and guaranteeing easy access to healthy food and beverage selections to city workers and employees of worksites will give them chances to obtain nourishing food and drinks while they work, which in turn will tend to enhance their health and augment their productivity. If you are in the process of hunting for snack vending machines to be installed in your organisation or thinking of starting a business, you should definitely look for a model that could dispense healthy snack instead of junk food, to ensure that your provide consumers nutritious meals.

    if you are hungry and is in the habit of eating food items dispensed by snack vending machines, select food that consist of protein, which will tend to make you feel quite full-up. At present, there are units that comprise of a considerable quantity of protein rich food like nuts and grainy items, but may tend to contain a mixture of fat, sugar and sodium, so it is always better to check the packet thoroughly before consumption.

  • What are Bean-To-Cup (B2C) Vending Machines?

    The advancement of bean to cup vending machines supply a really all-round drinking solutions for anyone who desire to serve drinks of superior quality really fast and effectively. These type of appliances offer a complete variety of bean-to-cup coffee, freshly brewed tea and instant beverages along with choices such as strength, sugar, milk, jug provision or the use your own cup to obtain the drink. It has been designed to provide a continuous supply of delightful beverages to quench your thirst throughout the day, has the facility to store large amount of ingredients and cups, easy to operate and looks really stylish.

    The current models of bean to cup machines from leading manufacturers, assures you of superior drinks of coffee. The best thing about these appliances is that you can prepare the coffee with beans in preference to ground coffee and the final product you obtain is smooth and fresh as the appliance grinds the coffee required for a single cup. Installing one in an organisation will be very useful as you and your employees could avail and save precious time used to prepare it and ensure that your staff will not walk out of the office to drink coffee. It could also bring additional income to your organisation as coins have to be inserted to generate the beverage of your choice. You could also serve your clients and visitors with instant beverages without having to wait for the water to boil to prepare coffee or tea.

    Flexivend Vending machines come in a wide range of sizes and models, and each is designed to suit diverse settings and sites, is ecological, and has exceptional energy saving technology that permits it to be ready even when it is idle. It really is a ground-breaking innovation for the industry in general. These are extremely high-tech and dependable, presents a novel user experience and are sturdily built to produce freshly made refreshment at the press of a button.

    We have some of the foremost and renowned bean-to-cup machines, free standing as well as table top models, available in the market today. They are superior and really resourceful appliances, with built-in milk coolers that produce gourmet coffee and also take very little space. These have been designed to provide immense satisfaction to the users. With the large ingredients and cup volume, vigorous aspects and easy to use interface, our appliances have been manufactured to supply enjoyable, thirst quenching beverages throughout the day.

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