WCBC4400X, Bottled Floor Standing, Ambient & Cold



Bottled floor standing

ambient & cold



Bottled floor standing

Hot & cold



New HygieneGuard Tap Cover
The most critical hygiene area is undoubtedly the tap, which often gets contaminated through user hand contact (by comparison the “waterside” is much less critical). A silver impregnated plastic tap cover is designed to stop bacterial growth from contact contamination. The HygieneGuard tap cover can easily be replaced.

Cold-rolled 20 gauge embossed steel with baked on acrylic enamel finish

Drip Tray
Lift out design which can be connected to mains drainage, High impact durable plastic. Removable anti splash grid

Modern push and hold solenoid taps replace the old fashioned manual taps. The push and hold action prevents leaving the tap running by mistake whilst operating as a safety tap mechanism at the same time. The spouts of the solenoid taps are protected by the new HygieneGuard tap covers. Their silver impregnation is designed to prevent hand to tap bacterial contamination.

Cup Holder
Integrated cup holder with exposed locking nuts to open up for easy refilling of cups Removable Lower Front Panel Spring loaded lower front panel. Remove drip tray and simply press down to remove entire lower front panel for easy access.

POU Coolers are often fitted with a 1 micron nominal size Carbon Block Filter which removes the taste and smell of chlorine, a host of heavy metals/ chemicals and some pathogens which are unable to pass through the 1 micron nominal Carbon Block pore size.

Refrigeration System
Quiet, air cooled static-type condenser. No fan required. Protected against motor overload. Unit hermetically sealed. R-134a refrigerant

Cooling System
Stainless Steel 3 litre cold water tank. Thermostatically controlled to 4C – 12C

Heating System
Stainless Steel 2 litre tank. Thermostatically controlled to between 87 and 92ºC. Designed to prevent total drainage for heating element protection. Easily accessible hot water tank drain at the back of the Cooler.


Floor Standing:
Height 1135mm
Width 340mm
Depth 340mm
Table Top: Height 460mm
Width 340mm
Depth 340mm

Shipping Weights
Floor Standing: 18kg
Table Top: 15kg

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