Crane Merchant

one model covers chilled and refrigerated configurations


Increased operator revenue/profit – increased sales through greater capacity/selections
Excellent merchandising ability – increased “shop window” area plus improved LED lighting
Reduced energy consumption – best in class with an EVA EMP rating of A
Flexibility – compact 4W model plus larger 6W model (shown) available to suit any environment
User interface – large keypad plus intuitive 1, 2, 3 approach to guide the user
Product flexibility – one model covers chilled and refrigerated configurations
Increased vend reliability – vend fault rate is 1 in 10,000 vends, driving service costs down


Drive up sales
Large bright shop window
24/7 fresh product availability
Multiple payment systems for coins,notes, cards and keys available
SureVendT guarantees the customer gets the product or their money back
More product choices

Flexible vending solutions
2 machine sizes to suit any environment
Choice of chilled (snack) or combination (snack, food, cold drinks) option
Customised branding options – product or corporate identity

Industry leading sustainable development
Energy efficiency built in ensures significant energy savings
Low energy LED lighting
Recyclable components utilised wherever possible

Cabinet versions: Unequipped, Equipped and Pre-arranged for changegiver
Water tank kit
Door for delivery area
Payment side module


Dimensions (Wmm x Hmm x Dmm)
895 mm x 1830 mm x 813mm

247 kg

220/240V AC, 50 Hz

Installed Power

Payment Systems M.D.B. (standard), Executive (optional)
Listings CE, UL, FCC
Options Lockable cash box, Executive interface, IrDA interface
Chilled & refrigerated models Programmable temperature range 5°C – 21°C
Refrigerated model Programmable temperature range above barrier 9°C – 21°C. Programmable temperature range below barrier without health control 1°C – 7°C or 1°C – 5°C with health control

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